Nobody born outstanding

We learn, We think, We improve ...
  • Bhupen / Founder

    The founder of Logistack, is deep rooted in the ideation & development process of each project undertaken by Logistack. He is same as others but attitude to pick complicated issues. His 9+ years of technology experience is added flavor to the organization.

  • Prafulla / Co-Founder

    The co-founder of Logistack, was quickly moved towards internet based application with his interest at early stage of internet boom.
    In his past years he has conducted numbers of in-person training sessions for educational and private organizations; consequently, he understands how serious and how difficult the challenges are when organizations make the decision to train what is often a disparate workforce, on unclear and ever-evolving technological guidelines.

  • Anup / Co-Founder

    The co-founder of Logistack, is full of management skill. His capabilities to handle any situation is at par. He is responsible to improve customer satisfaction, enhancing delivery, workforce motivation and improving support performance. Silent but says straight "no" to any unsatisfactory statement.